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I completed my SSC board exams with flying colours and received scholarship from Nilam Patel Bahushrut Foundation. This too encouraged me to keep going on and work hard.

Jatin Srivastava - Recipient of scholarship at SSC level.

Lastly, it would be my ungratefulness, if I did not specifically mention the contribution made by Nilam Patel Bahushrut Foundation, who gave additional motivation and kept my benchmarks higher during my journey by considering me for awards and financial assistance in my growth. Madam once again I would like to thank you for your great support towards the society. I could feel the joy and happiness of such awards. This type of recognition of disabled persons, really takes us to greater heights and happiness.

Niyojitasingh - Recipient

I received scholarships from Nilam Patel Bahushrut Foundation after SSC & HSC which further encouraged me in my education.

Mayuri M Apte - Recipient of scholarship at SSC and HSC level.

What I would like to say at this moment is that story of each and every deaf person is truly inspirational for what they are today. Hats off to them and hats off to you too Nilam madam, being inspirational through medium of support, scholarship, and financial aids and many more those which cannot be expressed through words.

Keyur Patvardhan - Recipient of scholarship.

I am really grateful to Nilam Patel for the scholarship and words of encouragement during my success in SSC and HSC.All these scholarships really helped me to push harder in life and made me what I am today.

Divin Visaria - Recipient of scholarship at SSC and HSC level.

From where I stand today, I thank my parents for encouraging me to complete my BA degree. Simultaneously I also received scholarships from Nilam Patel Bahushrut Foundation, which was an additional reason to achieve more.

Binny Shah - Recipient of scholarship at BA level.

I came in contact with Ms. Nilam Patel in Mumbai, who is also in the same field and doing wonderful work with the hearing impaired and through Nilam Patel Bahushrut Foundation.

Vanitha Balasubramaniun - Recipient

Nilamben Patel helped me a lot in improving my speech and selecting right hearing aids. With her help I got admission in primary section in Ashok High School. We had to struggle with the education board too.

Jalpa Ramani - Recipient

I was surprised when I received two awards (2002 and 2006) from Nilam Patel Bahushrut Foundation. I passed the H.S.C and Bachelor of Commerce in 2002 and 2006 respectively. I would like to say THANKS for selecting me as recipient. Thank you again for honoring me with these two awards.

Stalin Thermadom - Recipient of scholarships and awards in 2002 and 2006.

My two sons Mr. Stalin Thomas and Mr. Joseph Thomas are physically disabled and are recipients of awards and prizes from your foundation for last many years. It is great source of encouragements to pursue and complete specialized courses successfully.

I feel proud to inform that, with the grace of God and your moral supports my Mr. Joseph is at present intent to study for course in THEOLOGY at TEXAS (USA) and already completed PHILOSOPHY course successfully. In addition, my elder son Mr. Stalin has successfully completed B.Sc in Accounting with distinction, at the university level in Washington D.C (USA).

Once again, I am very much thankful to your organization and hope for many more achievements in your endure to help larger group of society.

Thomas Thermadom - Father of Mr. Stalin & Br. Joseph.

Scholarships at NILAM PATEL BAHUSHRUT FOUNDATION ignited me to study further, and I am happy for being part of this foundation.

Brother Joseph Thermadom OP Miss. - Recipient of scholarship and prize in 2009 for passing BSc with 72.59%.

I am very glad to inform you that Bahushrut Foundation is doing very very extra ordinary work for deaf and dumb students. Students get encouragement after receiving scholarships and awards from your foundation. They will study very hard in the next year to achieve what they think and ultimately they get it. I hope you will continue this good work for the goodness of deaf and dumb students.

Virti K Shah - Completed Diploma in Dress Making and Designing with distinction in 2008, was a recipient of scholarship

We are extremely happy to write to you that you are a savior for the support less and the helpless. You are the guide for us. You encourage those who do well in studies thereby instilling faith and confidence in them. This is a great work. This is a big responsibility. Your contribution is huge. We pray to God that you receive blessings of all the children and the foundation receives recognition. We also pray that you get self satisfaction.

Virti’s parents - Shri Kirti Shah and Smt. Rekha Shah

I am indeed very happy to note that the Foundation is constructing a new website. It will be of very great help to the hearing impaired people.

I am very grateful to the foundation and the trustees for having sanctioned a scholarship and award on my passing the HSC (12th) examination in 2006. It was not only a very great help financially but also a much needed encouragement and recognition for a challenged person like me.

In fact I am happy to inform you that I had taken admission to Engineering – Computer course and I have successfully reached the final year of the course which will be over in June 2010.

Prabu Iyer - Recipient of scholarship and award from the foundation in 2006 for passing HSC

In fact it was a great moment of joy and happiness for us that our son Prabu was chosen for your scholarship and award. I do not have any words to express my feelings as I was overwhelmed by your decision. I am not aware about any other organization in India that helps and encourages the hearing impaired persons.

I may request such good and reputed foundations to explore the possibility of taking up the cause of the hearing impaired children with the respective governments/educational institutions for concession in the fees structure as it has become very expensive.

Mr. S. K. Iyer - Prabu Iyer’s father

I am Avanti Jathar. I got an Award from your foundation 1st time when I passed my graduation in commerce. It boosted me to take a next jump… Whenever I open my file of documents; your certificate reminds me of old days as well as my struggle…. Your award is one of the honorable golden memories for me… Your system of scrutiny of the documents and the candidate always leads to distribute awards or prizes to needy candidate only and I like it most! At last but not least I am very grateful and thankful for your support and co-operation. My best wishes are always with you

Avanti Jathat - Recipient of scholarship and award in 2007 when she graduated. She has completed MBA Finance in 2009 and again received scholarship as well as prize from the foundation

Dear Sir, At the out set, I am very glad to receive a cheque in favor of Pratik Dave from you and lots of thanks for it. Further I shall be much obliged if you can inform to me about any other beneficial scheme to encourage handicapped candidate (Deaf and Dumb).

S. H. Dave - Father of Pratik Dave (on his behalf) who passed HSC in 2007 and received scholarship

I Mr. Oswald Gonsalves thank Nilam Patel Bahushrut Foundation from my heart for sending a cheque of Rs 1000/- and a certificate for my daughter Evania Gonsalves.

Father of Evania Gonsalves - who was a recipient of scholarship in 2007 for passing SSC

Thank you very much for the certificate of merit and the cheque. I am very sorry to learn that you have shifted to Vadodara. May God Almighty give good health and happiness to you to continue with your charity work.

Thomas T Verghese - Father of Meryl S Thomas who was a recipient of scholarship in 2005 and 2007 for passing SSC and HSC respectively

I have received both the cheques in respect to two scholarships awarded to me. I hereby express my heartfelt thanks for honoring me in this manner. This will surely boost my morale and self confidence to do even better. Thank you once again.

Akshay Deshmukh - who graduated as an engineer in 2007. He has been the recipient of scholarships and awards through out at SSC, HSC and Graduate level.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks to the trustees of Nilam Patel Bahushrut Foundation for granting me cash awards and motivating me to do well. With gratitude.

Vidya Kotian - who passed SSC in 2005 and HSC in 2007 and was a recipient of scholarship both the times

Thank you very much for scholarships and for your interest in deaf students. I am currently doing my M.Com (Part I) in Podar college in Matunga and plan to work in a financial institution or a bank when I graduate. Thank you once again.

Rohan Isaac Joseph - who graduated in 2008 has been recipient of scholarships and awards at SSC, HSC and Graduate level.

I am very very thankful to you and your trust’s family who are working this HOLY KARMA in this KALAYUG. I pray to God for your long long healthy life to serve like us hearing handicapped persons. I also wish you and other related person who are going to increase budget for enough scholarship contribution. We deaf people always remain dull compare to normal one but like you people pushing and inspiration in the form of scholarship and gift will inspire us to move and progress more and more.

Shrim Savajiyani - who passed HSC in 2008 and was a recipient of scholarship

Somehow I could not resist myself from penning down these words of gratitude. I want to say a big THANK YOU to you and the Managing Trustee for acknowledging my hard work and efforts. Thank you for giving me and students like me an opportunity to prove our capabilities. It is indeed a strong encouragement from your end and the Managing Trustee. Last but not the least, I assure you madam of my continuous hard work and commitment towards my academic career.

Aparna Raju Poojari - who passed SSC in year 2008 and received scholarship

Sir, I am very happy and thank you for being recipient of scholarship for year 2006 and 2008. I could enjoy and realize the importance of deaf and dumb student. I know that normal people will not be helped very much as student like me. But I learn in FYBCom and I have to work hard and study a lot. My parents, Sir and class give good help. Thank you.

Rahul Ramrao Choudhri - was a recipient of scholarship both the times. He passed SSC and HSC in year 2006 and 2008 respectively

I am sending herewith two receipts for Rs 1500/- each. Sir I wish to thank you for the two cheques. I have the confidence that I will perform well in my future assignments with your wishes and blessings. Thanking you.

Jyoti Jagannath Phutane - who passed HSC in 2008. She received scholarship and award for the same

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