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Be our partner in spreading the word

Since hearing impairment is an unseen handicap, it has not received adequate attention compared to other handicaps, from general public. The hearing handicap persons otherwise look absolutely normal though the problems faced by them are unique and have far reaching effect, unless some measures have been taken to help them at the earliest.

If a hearing impaired baby, is fitted with adequate amplification device and is enrolled with early intervention program, it is possible for him/her to be educated in regular educational setup and grow up with his hearing peers. It is possible for him to develop adequate language and speech skills to be able to communicate orally just as everyone. In turn he is likely to get equal opportunities as any other citizen of the country. He will then be able to lead as normal a life as any of us.

Many parents of hearing impaired children are not aware of the fact that, this is possible. What you can do is, help the cause of the hearing impaired, by spreading this word to your family members, friends, colleagues, family physician and any one you come in contact with. Be our partner in spreading the word.

By spreading this information you will help in touching someone’s life. Not only that, you will be instrumental in breaking a vicious circle of "Illiteracy, Unemployment, Unmarried, Frustration, Depression, Permanent worry for parents" for such people.

We all need to come together in improving lives of this population, which has been by and large, neglected by one and all.

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How can you help?