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Founder and Managing Trustee - Ms. Nilam Patel

Founder - Ms. Nilam Patel

Nilam Patel, a Special Educator and Speech and Hearing Specialist by profession, has been working with handicap children since last 40 years. She is known widely for her specialization in training young deaf babies and mainstreaming them in to inclusive educational setup. Many children trained by her are today well placed in their professional and personal lives. While she was engaged professionally, she was equally involved in rendering her free services to the community through camps, workshops, seminars and so on.

In 1986, she was sponsored by British Commonwealth Foundation to attend First Asian Pacific Conference on Deafness in Hong Kong. She presented a research paper on 'Language and Speech Acquisition in Hearing Impaired Children as a result of Early Intervention'.

In 1990, she was awarded full scholarship by Rotary International to study in USA. She received Master's degree 'MS in Speech & Hearing' from Central Institute for the Deaf, Washington University, St. Louise, Missouri. On her return to India, she continued working with the hearing impaired children and their mothers.

On her 50th birthday, 2nd November 1993, she founded Nilam Patel Bahushrut Foundation, to give a thrust to her strong belief in inclusive education. In her endeavor to serve the community and manage the foundation in a professional manner, she took up a two-year diploma course in NGO Management at Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies in Mumbai in 2004. She topped in the class both the years. Equipped with certificate in NGO Management in 2006, she was all set to serve this population even better, through her foundation.

When she shifted to Vadodara, Gujarat in 2006, she joined Shroffs Foundation Trust, an NGO, as a Documentation Consultant and worked there till 2012. At present, besides managing Bahushrut Foundation, she is involved with many other organizations in honorary capacity.

Trustee - Ms. Kalpana Samtani

Trustee - Ms. Kalpana Samtani

Born, brought up and educated in Gibraltar and UK, Kalpana moved to Mumbai after her marriage to a business man in 1991. She gave birth to a daughter in 1992. It was only at the age of two, when she did not start talking as normal children do, that investigations revealed her hearing impairment. She was immediately fitted with appropriate hearing aids and enrolled for an early intervention program with a speech and hearing specialist. She was also enrolled in a regular play group and there was no looking back. She continued to study in regular school and college throughout and received two degrees, BA and LLB. Today, she is following her dreams and working in Digital Marketing company. Her son who also has hearing loss, is doing well in college and has a passion and talent for music. As a mother, Kalpana has ensured that both the children had the support and security to cope with various challenges and today they are both independent, thriving and most importantly happy.

Trustee - Ms. Madhu Jagasia

Trustee - Ms. Madhu Jagasia

Originally hailing from Delhi, a graduate, holding a degree in BA philosophy with honors from Delhi University, Madhu made Mumbai her home after her marriage. Married to a businessman, she remained a housewife. When they discovered that their first child, a son, was profoundly deaf since birth, they were devastated. After thorough investigation and counseling, the boy was fitted with hearing aids and enrolled in a speech and hearing center for early intervention. Within few years, he was mainstreamed into a regular school. After completing schooling, he graduated with B.Com degree from R. A. Podar College of Commerce & Economics, Mumbai. Today He is successfully helping with the family business, is married with two children and is living a full life. As a mother of a hearing impaired boy, Madhu has played a very crucial role in this success story. She is also a trustee and a member of managing committee in Guru Nanak Mansarovar Ashram, Akurdi, Pune.

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